Hello, I'm Nathan Nesbitt.

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I am an Instructor at Okanagan College and a Full Stack Developer. I am entering my final year of a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science with a minor in Data Science at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus.

What I can do

Front End

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I can take your application idea and make it look amazing on any platform.


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I can design your database and optimize your queries so they run faster than ever.

APIs and Servers

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I can build and set-up scalable, secure APIs on servers that allow you to expand your business.

Analysis and ML

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I can analyse datasets and apply machine learning to create automated business solutions.


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In October 2019 I started teaching at Okanagan College. My focus is how to build and deploy web programs using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache2, MySQL, and PHP) and how to design front ends using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
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BC Hydro Dam
Since 2018 I have been a Software Developer for Wref's Consulting Inc, an electrical engineering firm. My work includes Linux server configuration and administration, process automation using Python, front and back end development for macOS using Swift, web design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and database design and maintenance.
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Since the summer of 2018 I have been working as an Instructor for the Continuing Studies Department at Okanagan College. I teach weekly sessions through the summer on videogame development using Unity and C#.
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Welcome2TheCloud is a e-commerce site built in PHP, JS and MySQL which has auto-deployment using TravisCI. I was one of the lead developers on the team. The site can be viewed live at welcome2the.cloud and the code can be viewed on GitHub.
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The BoardingHouse Cafe is a coffee and games shop in Vernon BC, I was hired to design, build and host their website. The site features a responsive design for convenient use on a phone, and search functionality for the available games in the store.
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Fallr is a blogging website that I am currently working on with a small team. The goal of the project is to create a simple and robust blogging experience. This website was built using a RESTful API that I designed in PHP. The code is published on GitHub and the site can be viewed at fallr.ca
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OKBoomer is a dating app for Boomers. The application is intended for people > 50 to efficiently find and go on dates with people who have similar interests. The current build will only be for Android but will hopefully span into iOS as well. The code is published on GitHub


JavaScript Logo
An introduction to JavaScript
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An introduction to Angular and NativeScript
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An Overview of OAuth2.